Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Summary of Bruce Guenther’s presentation:


Direction Journal

  • Articles are posted online 6 months after production or you can subscribe to a hard copy
  • Look for Ken Esau’s article in the Spring 2019 issue of Direction Journal.
  • Find Jon Isaak’s Direction Journal article here.


BFL pamphlets


MB Herald

  • The MB Herald is free for members and attendees of MB churches. Click here to sign up for the print copy or monthly email.


Board of Faith and Life Articles

  • What does Mennonite Brethren theology have in common with that of other Christian denominations? And what are the distinctive emphases of Mennonite Brethren theology? Our Confession of Faith is a short document, informed by Scripture, that names the perspectives through which we read God’s Word in order to live as Christ’s followers. Read through the MB Herald’s series by the Board of Faith and Life exploring the 18 articles of this formative document.


The new, revised Family Matters